Aerial Services

The quality of your aerial photography can make or break your project. Filus Studios UAV Drone pilots will surpass your expectations. The Florida headquarters services any U.S. location. Your project is completed with care at affordable prices.

  • Up to 10 Aerial images & 2 min. Video

    349.95 US dollars
  • 2 Minute Aerial HD Video

    249.95 US dollars
  • Up to 10 aerial photos with property boundary lines or arrows.

    169.95 US dollars

Accuracy & Quality

Accuracy and Quality are two of the most important aspects when it comes to creating a map; it can make or break your project. Filus Studios creates compelling visions for our clients to engage their world in meaningful ways. Without accuracy and quality these visions cannot be achieved. Filus Studios strives to meet perfection for our clients.  

Fast Turnaround

When coupled with Filus Studios expert flight crews and deployment abilities, advanced sensors and robust software tools can turnaround finished services to clients faster than any other digital solution on the market.

Why Filus Studios?

Filus Studios combines a resilient work ethic, cutting-edge technology, and experienced staff to harness the power of geographic information and provide solutions you need.

Custom Aerial Projects

Do you or your business have a specialized project that requires special attention? Send us a message about your specific needs and we will provide a quote as soon as possible. 


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